Quality education and gender equality

The UN sustainable goals number 4 and 5, quality education and gender equality, are an example on how some of the UN sustainable goals are linked together. They are also two very important goals by themselves.

Quality education is important because education is one of the most powerful tools we have. With education more people will get jobs and gain important knowledge. Even though the universal primary education has improved, and the worldwide number of children out of school has dropped, there are still 57 million children that remain out of school. Progress has been hard in some areas due to high levels of poverty and conflicts.

Gender equality is another very important goal, because women and girls in every part of the world continue to suffer violence and discrimination. Around 43 countries have no laws to protect women from domestic violence, and child marriage and sexual violence are problems that still has to be tackled.

These two goals are linked because in some countries women are not allowed to go to school, or get a good education, just because of their gender. In Sierra Leone a girl is more likely to be sexually abused then to attend school.

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Thats why real problem is that a specific group of people, women, are being discriminated and denied the opportunities of securing a proper future for themselves, and have the same advantages because of their gender. By allowing girls education you allow girls to have control over their lives and ensure them a great future where they can provide for themselves and their families. Education gives women knowledge and awareness over important things in their lives, which will benefit in the long run. There is no reason why women should not get this, and only men should.

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Education in general is important, and should not be limited to just a few people. That is why gender equality and quality education is important, and are two of the 17 UN sustainable goals. Everyone has a right to get important knowledge and have a god starting point in life, regardless of their gender or where they are from just because of  the rules where they live do not allow them to.  Everyone should have the right. Thats why gender equality and quality education are two very important goals, that we must try to achieve.

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Ted-talk: “Photos that bear witness to modern slavery”

This internasjonal english class we watched a ted-talk about modern day slavery, and how it is more common, and broad then we think. After watching this ted-talk, I was left feeling overwhelmed and sad. The fact that it is an even bigger now then ever, left me speechless and very sad.

In the ted-talk we heard photographer Lisa Kristine, talk about what she has seen through the years, of modern slavery, while she traveled the world. She had been to places like Nepal, India and Ghana where she had seen different types of modern slavery, that though different, were really similar. Every place she went she took pictures, and got a very rare glimt of the situations of these people. Everything from labour-slavery to sex-trafficing.

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What moved me the most was seeing how so many children and people who are affected by this terrible thing, and how so many people, just like me, are not fully aware of the sincerity of the situation of these people.

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Lisa Kristine also told us stories of some of the people she had met during her travels. One of the stories was about Kofi, the little boy, pictured while taking a shower. He was luckily rescued by Free the slave, and he is used as an example of what we can achieve if we do something with it. Because slavery is a bigger problem today then it ever was.

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She ended her talk by showing us pictures she took in secret, of slaves holding candlestick in an attempt to shine a light on their situation, This made me tear up. We must do something, and what we can start by talking about it. Shine a light on them.

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The UN sustainable goals

The UN sustainable goals are 17 goals made by the UN and its members, to help change the world. These goals where set 1. January 2016. The goals includes goals as no poverty, zero hunger, gender equality and many more. Even though there are only 17 goals, there are many goals within each of them.

One of the most important goals, i think, is the zero hunger one. That is goal number 2 after no poverty. The goal is about ending hunger, improve nutrition, achieve food security and promote sustainable agriculture. Because of climate change, some people struggle to get food and water. Agriculture gets harder, and many people walks miles and miles trying to find clean drinking water.

Climate action are goal number 13. Climate change affects every country in the world, and by taking urgent action to combat it, it will get easier to do agriculture, and find water. Climate change can cause areas to dry out and become deserts, and the ice in the arctic will melt. That can cause problems for animal lives in these areas as well as problems for people living in these areas and depend on agriculture and finding water.

Goal number 6 is to ensure access to water and sanitation. If climate changes drastically, and the temperature gets warmer, water won’t be easy to find, and the water people in the affected areas might find, will have bad quality. This can lead to diseases as well.

One in nine people, globally are undernourished, and poor nutrition cause almost half of deaths among children under five. 3.1 million children dies every year from hunger or lack of water, and one in four suffers because of it. These goals all tie in to each other. By achieving one, it becomes easier to achieve all of them. That is why I think these ones are among the most important goals.

How can we help? Well, we can start with try to lessen climate change, by driving less, and countries can stop leaning on outside industri and transporting ting without no reason to produce in places where it is cheaper to produce. By doing this, the other goals will slowly but surely be achieve.

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